It should emit a horn-like noise and a golden rippling glow. Each statue has three possible positions for its left arm: high, middle, or low. Like Megs, the Kraken now also drops meat when killed. Sea of Thieves: A Pirate's Life is here. Go inside, grab the chest and then take out the enemies that spawn. After sending her minions to do her bidding, and warning you to not proceed further all quest long, the final standoff of The Sunken Pearl is when you finally face the Siren Queen. Under the stairs, youll see an archway blocked with crates. For the rest of the Tall Tale, make note of the bubbly blue flora seen whenever you're swimming. Before heading through the next section, though, they crossed further to the left to enter through a cavern shaped like a mouth. Starting off there could be just the rum bottle (the green bottles from the rum delivery crate) and the devil's rum (the red bottles from the devil's roar rum delivery crate) to save time of designing new assets, sets can be added later such as Kraken Rum, King Crab Rum, Dark Parrot Rum, etc. The gem statue was moved to the middle position. Welcome to The Sunken Pearl page of the official IGN Wiki Guide and Walkthrough for Sea of Thieves. From here, they swam left of the ship to discover a pathway leading upward into the cave. From there, open your Sunken Pearl quest book before venturing out onto The Sea of Thieves. Eventually, you'll come to the top of this structure, briefly out of the water, before you'll have to take on new enemies, as well as an old favorite. The Kraken remains a unique beast in Sea of Thieves. Like fighting a skellie ship or a Meg, you're not going to get out without a few bumps and bruises of your own, so make sure you don't leave your starting outpost without a good supply of planks (and cannonballs and food for general adventuring, of course). They followed it along until they saw a blue plant-like bulb they could hit to open the way forward. Follow this path and youll come to yet another set of mermaid statues. Slash the glowing flora whenever you need to unblock water doors in your path. Aye, that's the book for "The Sunken . The Kraken, however, springs itself on you uninvited and often at inopportune moments, forcing an extended battle on you. The achievement will pop, you'll unlock a new sword cosmetic for your weapons locker, and you'll unlock a handful of commendations, including Heart's Desire. They moved the statue with the flame to the lowest position. Despite a lot of talk, taking her out wont take much. Up here, they jumped from the ship into a small pathway of the cavern leading up into a water-filled tunnel. More specifically, the ship lies North-West of Shark Bait Cove, and slightly South-West of Old Salts Atoll. Swim down to the floor level so you're not far from additional staffs if or when yours runs out of a charge. The Sea of Thieves Kraken can launch an attack when you least expect it, and in the least opportune moments. Visit our corporate site (opens in new tab). To use this weapon, our pirate held RT. The water will carry you to the second level where you'll now be able to see another cave drawing. Once inside, you'll see some familiar trappings, such as more water doors and glowing flora that opens them when hit. The Sunken Pearl is the second Tall Tale in Sea of Thieve's A Pirate's Life update, so it's the second tale book on her shelf. Following its reveal at E3, the pirate adventure game from Rare finally crosses over with Disney'sPirates of the Caribbean. There be no finer.. Rick in King Morturs Mort', Rick and Morty season 6, episode 8 review, recap, and analysis: 'Analyze Piss', Andor episode 12 review: "Star Wars at its absolute best", Takes you closer to the games, movies and TV you love, Try a single issue or save on a subscription, Issues delivered straight to your door or device. Before you stands the final boss area. It is simply a tentacle that can be shot to deal damage to the overall Kraken. Listen to the dialogue unfold and complete the prompt to hand over the compass when you're instructed to. Upon taking out the Sirens, our pirate grabbed a Siren Heart from the final Siren they defeated. As players venture into Tall Tale 2, The Sunken Pearl, theres a lot of puzzles and boss fights to overcome, from finding the Black Pearl to defeating The Kraken and taking down the Siren Queen. The tale book will be added to your quest inventory. The Tall Tale can be cancelled by voting at the Ship's Voyage Table. Simply put, what you need to do is match the actual statues to what theyre doing on the mural. Instead, they found the debris of something gone wrong. The Kraken spawns under a ship, darkening the water into an inky-black pool and slowing the ship to a crawl as up to eight tentacles . The statue with the gem had to hold their trident in the highest position. Inside this new room, they saw a wooden door across the way they placed the chest in front of the door. Even more helpful is the vibrant blue light spirethat can be seen from any distance, glowing brighter as you approach. Head through to see another forking path. Subscribe to our newsletter for the latest updates on Esports, Gaming and more. Stand on top of the geyser and wait for it to throw you to the next level. For this first part, here's how you'll need to set them up. In Tall Tale 2, The Sunken Pearl, you go to the dark ocean depths to discover the history of the sirens, an all-new enemy type that has been teased almost since Sea of Thieveswas first revealed. Dive in and prepare for the deepest swim of your pirate life. They also discovered the hard way that if the Sirens get too close, they perform a devastating slash attack that can easily take out half of their health. Once again, youll come to more statues. She will disappear at times and send in some lackeys a few times, always doing everything in threes. Don't worry, the game lets you go much longer without taking a breath than it normally does for this part. When we got up to the kraken fight the food barrel and cannon barrel on the ship were completely empty. The trident with the gem had to hold their trident in the lowest position. Once youve done that and arranged the statues correctly, the water will rise once again. The room began to fill with water and the Siren Queen attacked. They used this pulley to raise and platform so that they could cross to the other side. Bethesdas next epic RPG Starfield is more than Fallout in space, This tiny Xbox accessory is the biggest upgrade you can give your Series S, Everything we know about Final Fantasy XVI, Square Enixs next big RPG, By subscribing to this BDG newsletter, you agree to our. There are, however, a few tricks and stipulations that will help to lure the Kraken to your ship. If you're having trouble clearing out the loot after a Kraken victory, climb to the crow's nest and give your area a good scan. The best race for each class in WoW Dragonflight, How to get the Chest of Sorrows commendation, Best ADCs in League of Legends for patch 12.23 (2022), About Dexerto: Editorial staff, standards and policies, We may earn an affiliate commission from links on this page, Youll notice that some of the debris will have lots of little, As you reach the bottom, youll spot some, Continue following the debris until you reach a. Destroy each of them using your gun to reveal a surprise inside them that we won't spoil here. Move the debris and grab the key from the blue coral enemy. Raise the anchor after youve taken out the first wave and a second wave will spawn. Take this path to the main deck of the ship ahead and use the key to unlock the captain's cabin. The Kraken is a boss-type enemy in Sea of Thieves. Upon doing so, the water in the room completely drained and they had to fight more Ocean Crawlers, fortunately made easy by some tridents they found in the room. Sent him right to Davy Jones locked once, she did.. Never, ever let your ship fill up too much during a Kraken attack. Inside you'll see the Silver Blade Key sitting atop a rock. Defeat the Ocean Crawlers across the way, and when you're done, turn the capstan to raise the ship one level at a time, defeating more enemies every step of the way. Fighting a Kraken in "Sea of Thieves" Krakens attack by trapping players in their tentacles or by assaulting . After enough damage to a tentacle, it will eventually descend below the waters. First, they had to defeat two electric Ocean Crawlers they went down after about three shots each. The Sunken Pearl is the second Tall Tale in the A Pirate's Life Arc. Following its reveal at E3, the pirate adventure game from Rare finally crosses over with Disney's Pirates of the Caribbean.In Tall Tale 2, The Sunken Pearl, you go to the dark ocean depths to discover the history of the sirens, an all-new enemy type that has been teased almost since Sea of Thieves was first revealed. With that, The Sunken Pearl Tall Tale is complete! the sunken pearl sea of thieves the heart of the pearl sea of thieves As of now, it never succeeds, but you can get stuck high above the water in the mouth of the beast, which can be a real pain if you're needed on deck, patching holes, bailing water, or fighting back directly. Defeat her and you'll see the water retreat, leaving you victorious and ready to escape once and for all. By shooting at the same statues as before but using the new visible additional cave mural, you'll complete the next part of the puzzle. Evil West is a power-fantasy action game where youll be slaying demons and vampires in some of the most over-the-top video game combat weve seen in a while, but its not always as straight-forward as it looks. They made their way across the room to the back end of a ship sitting on a rocky cliff. They placed this chest on the deck of the ship and turned their attention to the ships coral-covered capstan. After a moment, it will start to rise again, but mind the fact that it will do this whether you're on it or not, so be quick about it. Up here, they were bombarded by firstly, two electric Ocean Crawlers then a crab-like Ocean Crawler and an electric Ocean Crawler appeared. Slash or shoot the glowing flora to deactivate the sealed water door ahead of you. This is automatically added to your inventory and unlike chests or keys, it can't be misplaced. If you use a staff too much, it will disintegrate, so you'll need to grab another. Before you do anything else, head to the large door with the purple coral draped over its top. First off, you'll want to load up your ship with as many cannonballs and wood planks as you can find. Don't leave it to sink to the bottom of the ocean. Deeper they went, moving the debris in their way, until they found an Ocean Crawler limp, holding the Black Pearl Key. That's the only way to guarantee you avoid an encounter. However, before you go that way, divert off the pulley ramp and climb into the small glowing red cave on the left. She's since flown the coop and gone on to work at Eurogamer where she's a video producer, and also runs her own Twitch and YouTube channels. They moved the statue with a chain to the highest position. Then, swim back up to the ships main deck to open the captains quarters to grab the compass. A Sloop only requires 2-3 tentacles beaten, 5-6 on a Brigantine, and 7-8 on a Galleon. Pick up the quest at any Outpost by speaking to the Mysterious Castaway. After it's finished, go back to an outpost to speak with the Castaway again, and youll be able to start The Sunken Pearl by interacting with the shell on the wall behind her. Shoot the glowing orb on the right and continue onward. Go to map grid C19, just southwest of Old Salts Atoll. A major highlight of Microsofts E3 2021 showcase was the reveal of a Pirates of the Caribbean-themed expansion for Sea of Thieves that introduces Jack Sparrow and his crew in a bonafide hunt for treasure. Holster your weapon for this - focus all of your attacks on the Kraken with the cannons. In here, they found three Siren Statues a green, a red, and a blue one. After this, youll need to interact with another pulley to lower a shipwreck. After freeing (and then later losing) Jack Sparrow, youll need to venture out into the high seas once more to time discover the fate of the iconic sunken Black Pearl under the Sea of Thieves. The cave drawing indicates both statues will need to hold their staffs at the lowest angle, so insert the Siren Heart into the statue on the right, position them in the low angle, and slash the large statue to open the door to yet another never-before-seen area: the Citadel. If done correctly, youll be able to reach the next area. Into the blue spire our pirate sailed until upon coming in close enough, they realized that unlike their first journey, they would not be teleported away. Position them accordingly, then swim up to the top and use your gun to shoot the bigger Mermaid Statue to confirm the positions. Each statue also has three possible positions where it can hold the staff: high position, middle position, or low position. Inside this ship, they discovered the "Don't Look For Us" journal, which was the fifth and final journal to discover on this voyage. Its not hard to miss, though a bright blue beacon will shine down on the location as you get closer, music will begin to swell, and theres debris floating in the water. Luckily, the Silver Blade sunk with hundreds of cannonballs, so pull from there. On your way to the Siren Citadel, youll come across a giant door blocking your way with two large carvings of a Siren. This time, you'll need the statues propped up as so: Once again, hit the main statue when the others are in place, and you'll raise the water level once more. There was, of course, me, but also Anamaria and Scrum, too. Aye, Mr. Gibbs. The water will rise, and you'll be able to reach a ladder previously inaccessible. Well, yes, sure, you accomplish morebut lets talk about, They should have been aiming for the jewels in their chest, Mr. Gibbs. This will allow you to exit via a makeshift ramp made of sea monster vertebrae, but before you leave, look to the far corner, opposite the bridge. How do you beat the Kraken Sea of Thieves sunken Pearl? Here, we'll break down everything you need to know about this Tall Tale in the A Pirate's . You worked hard for that loot. Then, attack the Mermaid statue to the left of the large door and make your way through the path. She specialises in huge open-world games, true crime, and lore deep-dives. Our Sea of Thieves gold guide will have you spending liberally at outposts fast. Then, shoot the main statue with the shell, and the door will open. Two more small statues stand guard, with a third, larger statue being the door's trigger once you've postured the small statues correctly again. The circled mark on the image above is where you need to head. They shot the larger, fourth siren statue to complete this puzzle and upon doing so, the room filled with water. Insider. Follow the paths and collect Journal #3/5lying on an almost can't-miss shipwreck part along your linear journey through these claustrophobic tunnels. This second Tall Tale takes you on a journey to find Jacks compass. They took them out with the Silver Blades cannons and returned to the capstan to raise the ship further up. They swam down only to discover another watery door. Take that to the captain's cabin and open it to find another quest item: Jack Sparrow's compass. No enemy in Sea of Thieves, man or monster, is more feared than the Kraken. The statue with the chain had to hold their trident at their midsection. If youve done this section correctly, youll spawn a group of enemies to face. Those are Sea of Thieves forts. In this room, you'll find three locked-away cursed mermaid statues, but these aren't like the others. They then stuck the larger fourth statue once more and new water flowed in, taking them even higher in the cave. Using this compass, they were lead to a cave that lead deeper into the abyss. Like and Subscribe to G7 GAMES on YouTube.Twitch : : They go down right quick when shot there as do the rest of those foul beasties., How to Defeat the Royal Siren Guard and Enter the Siren Citadel, Where to Find the Silver Blade Key and Retrieve the Chest of Sorrow, A truly terrible, beastie, aye, Mr. Gibbs? Ayeyou see, Jack and the, Evil West: 7 Essential Combat Tips To Get You Started, The Callisto Protocol: Surviving Black Iron Prison, New Pokemon in Scarlet and Violet (Gen 9). Head up the crow's nest while carrying the Chest of Everlasting Sorrowsand you'll come to another small room with a water door. To find it, swim up toward the ceiling of this room where you'll see you can't move past the sturdy coral but you can gather some air and fire at the larger statue through the holes in the coral "gate." That means you did it right. Heres what they did: As they rose to the next floor, they found a second journal by swimming down to the statue with a gem. To see it, walk to the far end where an ammo box lays and turn around to take aim and fire to adjust its staff position. Look for the glimmer of treasures untold among the cresting waves and be sure to snatch it all up before you depart. This opened the door and inside the tunnel behind it they went. As you can expect, you need to shoot or attack the statues to get them to match the positioning on the carving. After you arrive, jump out and follow the debris all the way down to the ocean floor, making sure to stop at the bubbles for air. Good luck out there, pirates! After battling the Ocean Crawlers or Sirens, the last one will drop a Siren Heart. The last one will once more drop a Siren Heart, so you'll once more place it in the statue missing one. Despite this, firing the trident without the charge seems to be just as effective in the long run. Follow the path until you get to a room with several mermaid statues, all of which are holding different items. The water will then begin to rise so head back into the previous room and jump onto a ladder that can now be climbed thanks to the water level being raised. With Megs and PvE ships, you can be the aggressor initiating conflict. Here, you'll need to fend off more Ocean Crawlers. This is the part where they sailed right into that blue spire, aye? Aye, Jack, indeed it was. You know, I sailed off an island on the backs of two turtles once. Aye, Jack, a story Ive heard before. Eventually, music will play, and you'll find yourself nearby, where coral and ship parts lie floating on the ocean waves. You do this by speaking with the Castaway at any outpost. Future Publishing Limited Quay House, The Ambury, Heres how to complete (and start) the Sunken Pearl Tall Tale in Sea of Thieves. Do you see a cloud shaped like a skull or a pirate ship? They shot the blue-glowing, plant-like bulb to open up this wall and further in they went. Follow Jacks compass to yet another set of mermaid statues and place the Siren Heart in the correct one. You know it is almost time to find it when you reach the Siren Citadel leg of the quest. Head up the bridge and continue working your way through the vibrant dwellings. You can then exit and return to the forked path, now choosing the only other room to enter. Grab a Trident of Dark Tides, a brand-new projectile weapon on the ground in front of you, and wait for the villain to stop speaking. This time all three statues are holding their staffs high. It can also squeeze your ship in different places, slowly delivering more holes should you not fend off its gripping tentacle. Are there any Disney Dreamlight Valley redemption codes? In Sea of Thieves, if your ship sinks, your on-board loot floats for a while at sea, susceptible to others who may wish to cash it in for themselves. When fighting against the Sirens, they had to fire trident shots at the gems enlodged in their chests. Step 1: Vote to Begin the Sunken Pearl Tall Tale. They retrieved the Siren Heart and placed it into the one statue in the room without a heart. When they reached the top, they grabbed the Chest of Sorrow and climbed the ships mast ladder to the top. Once they do, the fight begins as soon as you cross the threshold in front of you. Sea of Thieves: A Pirate's Life - Kraken Boss Fight (Sunken Pearl Tall Tale)This tall tale, introduced with the "A Pirate's Life" season, has us entering the. They saw the Trident charge up it has three charge up phases, they said. With a BA (Hons) in Media and Communications, and a passion for RPGs, The Sims, Pokemon, and Dead by Daylight, she primarily covers tips, guides, and reviews. The statue with the flame had to hold their trident at their midsection. They followed a path up to the left and used the Silver Blade key to open the captains quarters door of the Silver Blade. If you're having trouble clearing out the loot after a Kraken victory, climb to the crow's nest and give your area a good scan. As for when the Kraken wraps itself around your ship, you can unload onto it with whatever you'd like to do point-blank damage, but you may notice that it sprays some ink back at you. Take out the Siren and acquire another Siren Heart. Head near the front of the ship to find an entrance to the lower deck. Once this is done the Kraken will abandon the fight and leave . The explanation behind this maybe been disclosed. Inside, they saw a shipwreck and upon exploring it, they discovered the Unwanted Company journal. When they reached the Pearl, they swam to it and down into its belly. Luckily, whenever they do swim across your path, therell be plenty of tridents around the place to take them down. They rotated it around and learned that doing so slowly raised the ship up. The Siren Puzzles can all be completed in the same way. The third and final phase was the most powerful and it had the most range. Vote on the voyage in your ship's captain's quarters to begin the tale. Now thanks to the Sea of Thieves Anniversary Update (opens in new tab), Rare has given players a suite of new riddles . Welcome to The Sunken Pearl page of the official IGN Wiki Guide and Walkthrough for Sea of Thieves. They quickly ran over to it to ensure they were standing on the ship when it started to rise again, thus taking them to the next level up. INVERSE 2022 BDG Media, Inc. All rights reserved. It was very important to them that they read all five etchings on the walls of this small tunnel behind the wooden door. As these statues will reappear throughout the Tall Tale, we'll refer to them as the Coral Statue, Chain Statue, and Gem Statue going forward. Open it by, Pass inside the cavern, and youll be able to, If you need to catch your breath, swim up to the surface theres a. Bath Look for the statue that is missing the yellow gemstone, and slot it in. There are a lot of intricacies to getting started and completing this Tall Tale, but in this guide, well show you what you need to know to get through it. They said there was a giant glowing wall that featured all four statues in different positions and to move forward, the statues in the room needed to match the positions on the wall. Look up in the sky. Across the room, you'll see the same larger activation statue as before. Likewise, you can outrun Megs and skellie ships pretty quickly to the nearest island and get them to de-spawn if needed. Let go and have your crew jump into it. 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When this improvised elevator lifts back to its resting position, you'll be a level higher and able to walk around the far perimeter, passing a shipwreck on your way. Just in case, here are the statue's correct settings: The activation statue is hidden more than the previous ones. It is the second Tall Tale of the season, meaning there are a few things you will need to complete before this will be available to you. A truly terrible, beastie, aye, Mr. Gibbs? Ayeyou see, Jack and the Kraken go way back. They had to shoot a blue-glowing, plant-like bulb first to open this tunnel. Inside they went and they discovered the Silver Blade Key. Im told they discovered five journals in total on this voyage. You need to finish the first Tall Tale, A Pirates Life before starting this next one. Above that statue was a small cliff-like nook where the An Ancient Mystery journal resided. If you merely wish to survive the Kraken attack, leave your ship ready to go in this way and eventually you'll wiggle out, none the richer but certainly none the poorer either - save for a few wooden planks. Holster your weapon for this - focus all of your attacks on the Kraken with the cannons. They placed it into the only Siren Statue that needed a heart and solved another puzzle like the two before it. Fire at it to complete the puzzle. In your quest . Approach the pulley and pull on it to watch a nearby shipwreck piece, shaped sort of like a big C, sink into the area below. To progress with this, youll need to place the Sirens Heart into the missing statue as before and then put boths statues arm positions to low. This is a terrible choice for loot delivery because loot doesn't last long in the water and it is not a good idea to have 1 person in a rowboat out in the water (and they too can get sucked into a tentacle if they are on the rowboat). The flame statue was moved to the highest position. Hold down the fire button to charge it and use its glow as a targeting reticule. As interesting as it may be, that's also precisely where you'll want to fire. As soon as it hits that line of the topmost stair near the cannonball crates, you're sunken. If ever you find yourself in the inky waters, quickly get back on your boat. The loot drops per tentacle kill. Luckily, defeating it is relatively easy: In the area before reaching the Silver Blade, you have the chance to pick up a key to unlock the Captains quarters, which contains a Chest of Sorrows. The Kraken was the first sea monster to ever lurk in the vast waters of Sea of Thieves. After all, what good is a pirate without a trusty compass? 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