Google says that the app violates the Play store's standards for content moderation, according to Axios. Trump Media was set to go public through a merger with Digital World Acquisition Corporation, a special-purpose acquisition company. Instead, they're scanning headlines on Twitter, Facebook, and other social media platforms. Read more PR writing tips in this guide by @JuliaEMcCoy, 'Don't forget to include your current contact information so journalists and readers will know how to reach you. The cash deal at $54.20 per share is valued at around $44 billion, according to the press release. If your press release is ready to be distributed right away, include the words FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE at the top left corner of your press release. We have a proven track record of dozens of finished projects and lasting partnerships with our customers. Office Consumer products and cloud services revenue increased $196 million or 18% driven by Microsoft 365 Consumer subscription revenue, on a low prior year comparable impacted by a slowdown in transactional licensing. Location and date formatting for a press release in the lead paragraph (Source: RightsTrade). Remember that you dont want to go overboard with the keywords just include them naturally throughout. Press releases with multimedia create more engagement across platforms like social media, blogs, and even print outlets. Make sure your story gets the exposure it needs to land the most media coverage using a press release distribution service like eReleases. Increase revenue by saving your money and focusing your core team on the main project. Use proven engagement models to drive the desired business results. Announce the date and location the grand opening will be held, who is involved, how the grand opening is being celebrated, and the reason for the move (if applicable). 3. Those same principles apply to your PR strategy: Create content to craft your own story and use tactful outreach to get the media familiar with (and excited about) your brand. Subscribe to the Marketing Blog below. Press release contact information formatting example (Source: BootUp). If you are launching a new product, place the products availability here. If you need to hold the release until a certain date, however (this is commonly the case in product launches), put HOLD RELEASE UNTIL before your specified date. All releases follow the same basic press release format, but may vary slightly depending on the purpose and type of press release, the media included (e.g., images, video), and your overarching goal. Your PR's boilerplate information should talk briefly about the company -- its merits and achievements. This is why companies and marketers often hire experts and journalists to write press releases for them. For this reason, many businesses leave both the writing and distribution up to the experts at eReleases, where you can get everything in one stop. Organizational changes can seem relatively boring. Dynamics products and cloud services revenue increased 33% driven by Dynamics 365 growth of 49%. Toward the bottom of the press release, you get additional context surrounding each company's market share and how this acquisition will impact the industry. The release dives into the reason behind the expansion and the key areas of focus moving forward. That way, journalists have the details needed to invite their audiences beforehand and to attend themselves to write a follow-up story. Make sure that the information you include is current so people never have any trouble getting ahold of you. Axios first reported the Google statement. Select the newsletters youre interested in below. Stories in translation. Plus, it can clearly explain the angle that makes your press release worthy of additional coverage. Microsoft has historically paid India withholding taxes on software sales through distributor withholding and tax audit assessments in India. You've got your announcement in mind, and now it's time to get it down in words to share with your community, industry, and followers. It tells a full story without being too long: It covers who's involved (Microsoft and Activision), what's happening (an acquisition), and why it matters (to bring the joy and community of gaming to everyone). They took complete responsibility for the software development process and helped us to achieve our business goals! Need a great press release? The lead paragraph might be the only part of your press release read by some audience members and journalists. Most companies schedule their releases to go out on the hour, which means if your release goes out on the hour too, it's more likely to get lost in the shuffle. Highly recommended for those who want to bring their business to a whole new level! Quotes. We've also crafted this comprehensive, easy-to-follow press release template complete with a promotional plan and considerations for your next announcement. Including quotes rounds out your announcement with a human perspective. "Under embargo" just means they aren't allowed to share the information in the press release until the time you specify. Build and promote your online store with an experienced team and take top positions in all the search engines. Our software development professionals will deliver the product tailored to your needs. Adamas is truly an expert in IT consulting and we recommend them! - @JuliaEMcCoy on her 11 steps to writing a #pressrelease. Whether you opened up a new office, relocated, or are opening for the first time, announce the details with a grand opening press release. We use these same guidelines when writing and formatting our releases here at HubSpot, and created a faux, sample release to illustrate what content goes where and why. Research and development expenses increased $473 million or 9% driven by investments in cloud engineering and Gaming. February 25, 2022. This personal touch can help cement your press release on a journalists radar and make it easier for them to remember. For example, a branded hashtag tied to your product launch allows journalists to research the story. Now, onto the body of your press release: In this example, Catbrella Inc., a fictitious ad agency that just gained its 10th Twitter follower after two years of paid social media efforts, announces its achievement in a press release. Well, look, that's up to the Google Play store. A remarkable graphic or video? CBS Sports has the latest NFL Football news, live scores, player stats, standings, fantasy games, and projections. You can put your companys merits and achievements here, but dont make it too long, since this will put you at risk of sounding like youre hard-selling your company. Read more PR writing tips here. We expect to recognize approximately50% of this revenue over the next12months and the remainder thereafter. Providing multimedia resources allows journalists to provide additional coverage of your announcement more easily. The official Liverpool FC website. "When are we going to be available on Android? Gross margin increased $2.8 billion or 33% driven by growth in Office 365 Commercial and LinkedIn. DWAC warned shareholders that a decline in the former president's popularity could hurt the app and that, without a delay, the acquisition company may have to liquidate. Try another search, and we'll give it our best shot. Here is how the contact info on your release should appear: Contact: John Smith Know more about these elements in @JuliaEMcCoy's post about PR writing. Get breaking NBA Basketball News, our in-depth expert analysis, latest rumors and follow your favorite sports, leagues and teams with our live updates. Windows OEM revenue decreased 3% with continued PC demand impacted by supply chain constraints, on a strong prior year comparable in OEM non-Pro. Surface revenue decreased $348 million or 20% driven by supply chain constraints, on a strong prior year comparable. They will send your press release to thousands of media outlets and journalists who subscribe to discover stories they want to cover. Elizabeth Kraus is passionate about providing the best answers for small business marketing to FSB readers. Get this delivered to your inbox, and more info about our products and services. Xbox content and services revenue decreased $128 million or 4% driven by a decline in third-party titles on a strong prior year comparable that benefitted from stay-at-home scenarios, offset in part by growth in Xbox Game Pass subscriptions and first-party titles. Describe what your company does in clear, plain language and include a link to your company's website early on. General and administrative expenses decreased $134 million or 8% driven by prior year charges associated with the closing of our Microsoft Store physical locations, offset in part by an increase in certain employee-related expenses and business taxes. Once you're finished with production, it'll be time to focus on distribution. Title and italicized subheading to summarize the news. Our cryptographs help you to build your cryptosystem of any complexity and create security protocols for your data. Each service has guidelines for formatting the multimedia, including file size, type, quality, and resolution limitations. Instead of ditching releases as a tactic, give them a modern makeover to make them more useful for your marketing. Consumers aren't waiting for the daily newspaper anymore to get their news. Microsoft Media Relations, WE Communications for Microsoft, (425) 638-7777, Note to editors: For more information, news and perspectives from Microsoft, please visit the Microsoft News Center, . Give journalists some time to craft a story around your press release by sending it to them under embargo the day before it officially goes live. For comparability of reporting, management considers non-GAAP measures in conjunction with, generally accepted accounting principles (. Your #1 resource for digital marketing tips, trends, and strategy to help you build a successful online business. Gaming revenue increased $357 million or 11% driven by growth in Xbox hardware, offset in part by a decline in Xbox content and services. For example, if you have a happy customer, you can add a testimonial quote. Information contained in these documents is current as of the earnings date, and not restated for new accounting standards, { "@odata.context": "$metadata#Quotes", "valueM": [{"$type":"Msn.Finance.DataModel.Shared.Quote, 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10:59:00"},{"P":247.73,"T":"2022-12-09 11:00:00"},{"P":247.805,"T":"2022-12-09 11:01:00"},{"P":247.99,"T":"2022-12-09 11:02:00"},{"P":248.11,"T":"2022-12-09 11:03:00"},{"P":248.24,"T":"2022-12-09 11:04:00"},{"P":248.12,"T":"2022-12-09 11:05:00"},{"P":248.04,"T":"2022-12-09 11:06:00"},{"P":248.03,"T":"2022-12-09 11:07:00"},{"P":247.94,"T":"2022-12-09 11:08:00"},{"P":247.76,"T":"2022-12-09 11:09:00"},{"P":247.5498,"T":"2022-12-09 11:10:00"},{"P":247.4,"T":"2022-12-09 11:11:00"},{"P":247.2861,"T":"2022-12-09 11:12:00"},{"P":247.21,"T":"2022-12-09 11:13:00"},{"P":247.18,"T":"2022-12-09 11:14:00"},{"P":247.35,"T":"2022-12-09 11:15:00"},{"P":247.13,"T":"2022-12-09 11:16:00"},{"P":247.22,"T":"2022-12-09 11:17:00"},{"P":247,"T":"2022-12-09 11:18:00"},{"P":247.005,"T":"2022-12-09 11:19:00"},{"P":246.93,"T":"2022-12-09 11:20:00"},{"P":246.93,"T":"2022-12-09 11:21:00"},{"P":247.16,"T":"2022-12-09 11:22:00"},{"P":246.99,"T":"2022-12-09 11:23:00"},{"P":246.9,"T":"2022-12-09 11:24:00"},{"P":246.79,"T":"2022-12-09 11:25:00"},{"P":246.85,"T":"2022-12-09 11:26:00"},{"P":246.85,"T":"2022-12-09 11:27:00"},{"P":246.94,"T":"2022-12-09 11:28:00"},{"P":247.14,"T":"2022-12-09 11:29:00"},{"P":247.3,"T":"2022-12-09 11:30:00"},{"P":247.3,"T":"2022-12-09 11:31:00"},{"P":247.3689,"T":"2022-12-09 11:32:00"},{"P":247.3741,"T":"2022-12-09 11:33:00"},{"P":247.29,"T":"2022-12-09 11:34:00"},{"P":247.2567,"T":"2022-12-09 11:35:00"},{"P":247.43,"T":"2022-12-09 11:36:00"},{"P":247.36,"T":"2022-12-09 11:37:00"},{"P":247.0186,"T":"2022-12-09 11:38:00"},{"P":247.1,"T":"2022-12-09 11:39:00"},{"P":246.86,"T":"2022-12-09 11:40:00"},{"P":246.44,"T":"2022-12-09 11:41:00"},{"P":246.76,"T":"2022-12-09 11:42:00"},{"P":246.71,"T":"2022-12-09 11:43:00"},{"P":247.05,"T":"2022-12-09 11:44:00"},{"P":247.479,"T":"2022-12-09 11:45:00"},{"P":247.37,"T":"2022-12-09 11:46:00"},{"P":247.44,"T":"2022-12-09 11:47:00"},{"P":247.33,"T":"2022-12-09 11:48:00"},{"P":247.419,"T":"2022-12-09 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12:14:00"},{"P":247.575,"T":"2022-12-09 12:15:00"},{"P":247.36,"T":"2022-12-09 12:16:00"},{"P":247.2372,"T":"2022-12-09 12:17:00"},{"P":247.3,"T":"2022-12-09 12:18:00"},{"P":247.4616,"T":"2022-12-09 12:19:00"},{"P":247.01,"T":"2022-12-09 12:20:00"},{"P":247.06,"T":"2022-12-09 12:21:00"},{"P":247.22,"T":"2022-12-09 12:22:00"},{"P":247.13,"T":"2022-12-09 12:23:00"},{"P":247.15,"T":"2022-12-09 12:24:00"},{"P":247.19,"T":"2022-12-09 12:25:00"},{"P":247.445,"T":"2022-12-09 12:26:00"},{"P":247.189,"T":"2022-12-09 12:27:00"},{"P":247.13,"T":"2022-12-09 12:28:00"},{"P":247.24,"T":"2022-12-09 12:29:00"},{"P":247.345,"T":"2022-12-09 12:30:00"},{"P":247.29,"T":"2022-12-09 12:31:00"},{"P":247.27,"T":"2022-12-09 12:32:00"},{"P":247.39,"T":"2022-12-09 12:33:00"},{"P":247.5401,"T":"2022-12-09 12:34:00"},{"P":247.725,"T":"2022-12-09 12:35:00"},{"P":247.76,"T":"2022-12-09 12:36:00"},{"P":247.7435,"T":"2022-12-09 12:37:00"},{"P":247.61,"T":"2022-12-09 12:38:00"},{"P":247.6599,"T":"2022-12-09 12:39:00"},{"P":247.62,"T":"2022-12-09 12:40:00"},{"P":247.55,"T":"2022-12-09 12:41:00"},{"P":247.47,"T":"2022-12-09 12:42:00"},{"P":247.46,"T":"2022-12-09 12:43:00"},{"P":247.67,"T":"2022-12-09 12:44:00"},{"P":247.87,"T":"2022-12-09 12:45:00"},{"P":247.73,"T":"2022-12-09 12:46:00"},{"P":247.55,"T":"2022-12-09 12:47:00"},{"P":247.52,"T":"2022-12-09 12:48:00"},{"P":247.52,"T":"2022-12-09 12:49:00"},{"P":247.45,"T":"2022-12-09 12:50:00"},{"P":247.53,"T":"2022-12-09 12:51:00"},{"P":247.52,"T":"2022-12-09 12:52:00"},{"P":247.48,"T":"2022-12-09 12:53:00"},{"P":247.38,"T":"2022-12-09 12:54:00"},{"P":247.38,"T":"2022-12-09 12:55:00"},{"P":247.46,"T":"2022-12-09 12:56:00"},{"P":247.5008,"T":"2022-12-09 12:57:00"},{"P":247.3437,"T":"2022-12-09 12:58:00"},{"P":247.3801,"T":"2022-12-09 12:59:00"},{"P":247.2,"T":"2022-12-09 13:00:00"},{"P":247.22,"T":"2022-12-09 13:01:00"},{"P":247.02,"T":"2022-12-09 13:02:00"},{"P":246.99,"T":"2022-12-09 13:03:00"},{"P":247.1,"T":"2022-12-09 13:04:00"},{"P":246.8932,"T":"2022-12-09 13:05:00"},{"P":246.8,"T":"2022-12-09 13:06:00"},{"P":246.67,"T":"2022-12-09 13:07:00"},{"P":246.6801,"T":"2022-12-09 13:08:00"},{"P":246.67,"T":"2022-12-09 13:09:00"},{"P":246.6084,"T":"2022-12-09 13:10:00"},{"P":246.4,"T":"2022-12-09 13:11:00"},{"P":246.42,"T":"2022-12-09 13:12:00"},{"P":246.6099,"T":"2022-12-09 13:13:00"},{"P":246.64,"T":"2022-12-09 13:14:00"},{"P":246.725,"T":"2022-12-09 13:15:00"},{"P":246.88,"T":"2022-12-09 13:16:00"},{"P":246.8999,"T":"2022-12-09 13:17:00"},{"P":246.8758,"T":"2022-12-09 13:18:00"},{"P":246.87,"T":"2022-12-09 13:19:00"},{"P":246.69,"T":"2022-12-09 13:20:00"},{"P":246.8,"T":"2022-12-09 13:21:00"},{"P":246.775,"T":"2022-12-09 13:22:00"},{"P":246.79,"T":"2022-12-09 13:23:00"},{"P":246.6,"T":"2022-12-09 13:24:00"},{"P":246.68,"T":"2022-12-09 13:25:00"},{"P":246.55,"T":"2022-12-09 13:26:00"},{"P":246.78,"T":"2022-12-09 13:27:00"},{"P":246.75,"T":"2022-12-09 13:28:00"},{"P":246.91,"T":"2022-12-09 13:29:00"},{"P":247.06,"T":"2022-12-09 13:30:00"},{"P":247.1,"T":"2022-12-09 13:31:00"},{"P":247.17,"T":"2022-12-09 13:32:00"},{"P":247.1,"T":"2022-12-09 13:33:00"},{"P":247.0085,"T":"2022-12-09 13:34:00"},{"P":247.069,"T":"2022-12-09 13:35:00"},{"P":247.2,"T":"2022-12-09 13:36:00"},{"P":247.24,"T":"2022-12-09 13:37:00"},{"P":247.17,"T":"2022-12-09 13:38:00"},{"P":247.2495,"T":"2022-12-09 13:39:00"},{"P":247.245,"T":"2022-12-09 13:40:00"},{"P":247.14,"T":"2022-12-09 13:41:00"},{"P":247.025,"T":"2022-12-09 13:42:00"},{"P":246.93,"T":"2022-12-09 13:43:00"},{"P":247.03,"T":"2022-12-09 13:44:00"},{"P":247.07,"T":"2022-12-09 13:45:00"},{"P":247.015,"T":"2022-12-09 13:46:00"},{"P":247.005,"T":"2022-12-09 13:47:00"},{"P":247.02,"T":"2022-12-09 13:48:00"},{"P":247.02,"T":"2022-12-09 13:49:00"},{"P":247.15,"T":"2022-12-09 13:50:00"},{"P":247.16,"T":"2022-12-09 13:51:00"},{"P":247.11,"T":"2022-12-09 13:52:00"},{"P":246.9799,"T":"2022-12-09 13:53:00"},{"P":246.97,"T":"2022-12-09 13:54:00"},{"P":246.985,"T":"2022-12-09 13:55:00"},{"P":246.93,"T":"2022-12-09 13:56:00"},{"P":247,"T":"2022-12-09 13:57:00"},{"P":247.025,"T":"2022-12-09 13:58:00"},{"P":247,"T":"2022-12-09 13:59:00"},{"P":246.9199,"T":"2022-12-09 14:00:00"},{"P":246.59,"T":"2022-12-09 14:01:00"},{"P":246.74,"T":"2022-12-09 14:02:00"},{"P":246.54,"T":"2022-12-09 14:03:00"},{"P":246.54,"T":"2022-12-09 14:04:00"},{"P":246.34,"T":"2022-12-09 14:05:00"},{"P":246.37,"T":"2022-12-09 14:06:00"},{"P":246.52,"T":"2022-12-09 14:07:00"},{"P":246.54,"T":"2022-12-09 14:08:00"},{"P":246.53,"T":"2022-12-09 14:09:00"},{"P":246.35,"T":"2022-12-09 14:10:00"},{"P":246.335,"T":"2022-12-09 14:11:00"},{"P":246.33,"T":"2022-12-09 14:12:00"},{"P":246.5,"T":"2022-12-09 14:13:00"},{"P":246.71,"T":"2022-12-09 14:14:00"},{"P":246.7181,"T":"2022-12-09 14:15:00"},{"P":246.8,"T":"2022-12-09 14:16:00"},{"P":246.97,"T":"2022-12-09 14:17:00"},{"P":246.95,"T":"2022-12-09 14:18:00"},{"P":246.87,"T":"2022-12-09 14:19:00"},{"P":246.84,"T":"2022-12-09 14:20:00"},{"P":246.75,"T":"2022-12-09 14:21:00"},{"P":246.83,"T":"2022-12-09 14:22:00"},{"P":246.935,"T":"2022-12-09 14:23:00"},{"P":246.86,"T":"2022-12-09 14:24:00"},{"P":246.8639,"T":"2022-12-09 14:25:00"},{"P":246.93,"T":"2022-12-09 14:26:00"},{"P":246.975,"T":"2022-12-09 14:27:00"},{"P":246.97,"T":"2022-12-09 14:28:00"},{"P":247,"T":"2022-12-09 14:29:00"},{"P":246.93,"T":"2022-12-09 14:30:00"},{"P":246.73,"T":"2022-12-09 14:31:00"},{"P":246.955,"T":"2022-12-09 14:32:00"},{"P":246.947,"T":"2022-12-09 14:33:00"},{"P":246.98,"T":"2022-12-09 14:34:00"},{"P":247.0945,"T":"2022-12-09 14:35:00"},{"P":247.03,"T":"2022-12-09 14:36:00"},{"P":247.18,"T":"2022-12-09 14:37:00"},{"P":247.02,"T":"2022-12-09 14:38:00"},{"P":247.07,"T":"2022-12-09 14:39:00"},{"P":246.97,"T":"2022-12-09 14:40:00"},{"P":247.04,"T":"2022-12-09 14:41:00"},{"P":246.88,"T":"2022-12-09 14:42:00"},{"P":246.9431,"T":"2022-12-09 14:43:00"},{"P":246.905,"T":"2022-12-09 14:44:00"},{"P":246.92,"T":"2022-12-09 14:45:00"},{"P":246.83,"T":"2022-12-09 14:46:00"},{"P":246.91,"T":"2022-12-09 14:47:00"},{"P":246.96,"T":"2022-12-09 14:48:00"},{"P":246.92,"T":"2022-12-09 14:49:00"},{"P":246.74,"T":"2022-12-09 14:50:00"},{"P":246.7801,"T":"2022-12-09 14:51:00"},{"P":246.85,"T":"2022-12-09 14:52:00"},{"P":246.9,"T":"2022-12-09 14:53:00"},{"P":246.94,"T":"2022-12-09 14:54:00"},{"P":246.83,"T":"2022-12-09 14:55:00"},{"P":247.015,"T":"2022-12-09 14:56:00"},{"P":246.94,"T":"2022-12-09 14:57:00"},{"P":246.87,"T":"2022-12-09 14:58:00"},{"P":246.91,"T":"2022-12-09 14:59:00"},{"P":246.8,"T":"2022-12-09 15:00:00"},{"P":246.945,"T":"2022-12-09 15:01:00"},{"P":246.85,"T":"2022-12-09 15:02:00"},{"P":246.895,"T":"2022-12-09 15:03:00"},{"P":246.98,"T":"2022-12-09 15:04:00"},{"P":246.99,"T":"2022-12-09 15:05:00"},{"P":247.24,"T":"2022-12-09 15:06:00"},{"P":247.32,"T":"2022-12-09 15:07:00"},{"P":247.195,"T":"2022-12-09 15:08:00"},{"P":247.01,"T":"2022-12-09 15:09:00"},{"P":246.97,"T":"2022-12-09 15:10:00"},{"P":247.057,"T":"2022-12-09 15:11:00"},{"P":247.34,"T":"2022-12-09 15:12:00"},{"P":247.34,"T":"2022-12-09 15:13:00"},{"P":247.26,"T":"2022-12-09 15:14:00"},{"P":247.3163,"T":"2022-12-09 15:15:00"},{"P":247.43,"T":"2022-12-09 15:16:00"},{"P":247.43,"T":"2022-12-09 15:17:00"},{"P":247.36,"T":"2022-12-09 15:18:00"},{"P":247.29,"T":"2022-12-09 15:19:00"},{"P":247.35,"T":"2022-12-09 15:20:00"},{"P":247.31,"T":"2022-12-09 15:21:00"},{"P":247.37,"T":"2022-12-09 15:22:00"},{"P":247.345,"T":"2022-12-09 15:23:00"},{"P":247.23,"T":"2022-12-09 15:24:00"},{"P":247.33,"T":"2022-12-09 15:25:00"},{"P":247.25,"T":"2022-12-09 15:26:00"},{"P":247.31,"T":"2022-12-09 15:27:00"},{"P":247.46,"T":"2022-12-09 15:28:00"},{"P":247.25,"T":"2022-12-09 15:29:00"},{"P":247.32,"T":"2022-12-09 15:30:00"},{"P":247.28,"T":"2022-12-09 15:31:00"},{"P":247.18,"T":"2022-12-09 15:32:00"},{"P":247.28,"T":"2022-12-09 15:33:00"},{"P":247.2399,"T":"2022-12-09 15:34:00"},{"P":247.15,"T":"2022-12-09 15:35:00"},{"P":247.065,"T":"2022-12-09 15:36:00"},{"P":246.905,"T":"2022-12-09 15:37:00"},{"P":246.81,"T":"2022-12-09 15:38:00"},{"P":246.7473,"T":"2022-12-09 15:39:00"},{"P":246.57,"T":"2022-12-09 15:40:00"},{"P":246.47,"T":"2022-12-09 15:41:00"},{"P":246.7,"T":"2022-12-09 15:42:00"},{"P":246.425,"T":"2022-12-09 15:43:00"},{"P":246.33,"T":"2022-12-09 15:44:00"},{"P":246.42,"T":"2022-12-09 15:45:00"},{"P":246.54,"T":"2022-12-09 15:46:00"},{"P":246.56,"T":"2022-12-09 15:47:00"},{"P":246.58,"T":"2022-12-09 15:48:00"},{"P":246.19,"T":"2022-12-09 15:49:00"},{"P":245.85,"T":"2022-12-09 15:50:00"},{"P":245.61,"T":"2022-12-09 15:51:00"},{"P":245.73,"T":"2022-12-09 15:52:00"},{"P":245.58,"T":"2022-12-09 15:53:00"},{"P":245.88,"T":"2022-12-09 15:54:00"},{"P":245.68,"T":"2022-12-09 15:55:00"},{"P":245.45,"T":"2022-12-09 15:56:00"},{"P":245.295,"T":"2022-12-09 15:57:00"},{"P":245.39,"T":"2022-12-09 15:58:00"},{"P":245.35,"T":"2022-12-09 15:59:00"}],"StartTime":"\/Date(1670578200000)\/","EndTime":"2022-12-09T16:00:00.0000000"},"PricePreviousClose":"247.4","ChartType":"1D1M","ExchangeId":"r6dwop","ExchangeCode":"XNAS","ExchangeName":"Nasdaq Stock Market","OfferingStatus":"regular","DisplayName":"Microsoft Corp","ShortName":"Microsoft","SecurityType":"stock","InstrumentId":"a1xzim","Symbol":"MSFT","Country":"US","Market":"en-us","LocalizedAttributes":{"enus":null},"TimeLastUpdated":"2022-12-10T01:14:38.4545607","Currency":"USD","_p":"a1xzim","_t":"Chart","_etag":"\"eb000c48-0000-0200-0000-6393dd9d0000\"","_rid":"-lkPAOGdLgAyEgAAAAAADQ==","_self":"dbs/-lkPAA==/colls/-lkPAOGdLgA=/docs/-lkPAOGdLgAyEgAAAAAADQ==/","_attachments":null,"_ts":1670634909}. The deadline is Sept. 8, although DWAC is pushing for a delay of up to a year. To help you find what you are looking for: Check the URL (web address) for misspellings or errors. The India Supreme Court ruled favorably for companies in 86 separate appeals, some dating back to 2012, holding that software sales are not subject to India withholding taxes. A process of relating your press release to something currently going on to make it more valuable to the journalist and reader. Facebook It can also help busy journalists understand what your press release covers and pick it up if they see fit. 2022 Express Writers | All rights reserved, Learn what a good press release looks like and how to write one with @JuliaEMcCoy's 11-step press release writing guide. The font for this section and the remaining paragraphs should be single-spaced in 12-point Arial or Times New Roman font. Press releases about awards and accomplishments serve to cement your organization as an authority in your space. 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Email: Throughout the press release, you get quotes from leaders in both organizations, helping explain the benefit of this acquisition and how it will move the industry forward. When youre ready to distribute your press release, use our #1 recommended press release distribution service for small businesses: EIN Presswire, starting under $100. The teams expertise and knowledge of technology markets helped us to achieve our goals in the short term perspective. (Only if you want to get insider advice and tips). Your #pressrelease should always answer the five Ws and one H - who, what, why, when, where, and how. The only place to visit for all your LFC news, videos, history and match information. Use short paragraphs, of approximately two to four sentences each. In this press release announcing a team and office expansion, venture capital firm Flourish shares photos of some new hires right at the top, immediately drawing readers in. The Company is formed for the purpose of effecting a merger, capital stock exchange, asset acquisition, stock purchase, reorganization, or similar business combination with one or more businesses. The angle of your story needs to engage your target audience, and distribution needs to ensure your story reaches those most likely to be interested in your story. Return to the home page. Trump Media pushed back, saying Truth Social was creating a "vibrant, family-friendly environment. hbspt.cta._relativeUrls=true;hbspt.cta.load(53, '686dd68a-454c-4c09-9fcc-a199380b234c', {"useNewLoader":"true","region":"na1"}); Get expert marketing tips straight to your inbox, and become a better marketer. Interactive elements are parts of your press release that journalists must complete an action to consume, such as clicking a link, playing a video, or downloading something. Read our guide and be inspired on how to craft well-written press releases. Sales and marketing expenses increased $440 million or 8% driven by investments in commercial sales and advertising, offset in part by a reduction in bad debt expense. Unit #103, IFZA Dubai - Building A2, Dubai Silicon Oasis, Dubai, UAE. But, how do you know what makes up a good press release, if youre totally new to what a successfully written press release looks like? This is why its so critical to include your current contact information in your press release. So including social media share links, similar to share links on a blog post, on the web page youre posting your press release on can be an excellent way to land in social feeds and increase your exposure. An example of a press release using a hashtag (Source: BAUSCH+LOMB). When it came to IT consulting services, Adamas Solutions proved to be a real expert. Truth Social, the would-be Twitter competitor created by Trump Media and Technology Group, remains unavailable on the Google Play store. For more tips on how to write an announcement that will get picked up by the media, read our step-by-step instructions for how to write a press release. General and administrative expenses decreased $134 million or 8% driven by prior year charges associated with the closing of our Microsoft Store physical locations, offset in part by an increase in certain employee-related expenses and business taxes. We want to hear from you. For more information about risks and uncertainties associated with Microsofts business, please refer to the Managements Discussion and Analysis of Financial Condition and Results of Operations and Risk Factors sections of Microsofts SEC filings, including, but not limited to, its annual report on Form 10-K and quarterly reports on Form 10-Q, copies of which may be obtained by contacting Microsofts Investor Relations department at (800) 285-7772 or at Microsofts Investor Relations website at. In the case of a joint or partnership press release, all companies mentioned in the press release should have a boilerplate in this section. Microsoft Corp. today announced the following results for the quarter ended June 30, 2021, as compared to the corresponding period of last fiscal year: Revenue was $46.2 billion and increased 21%, Operating income was $19.1 billion and increased 42%, Net income was $16.5 billion and increased 47%, Diluted earnings per share was $2.17 and increased 49%, Office Commercial products and cloud services revenue increased 20% (up 15% in constant currency) driven by Office 365 Commercial revenue growth of 25% (up 20% in constant currency), Office Consumer products and cloud services revenue increased 18% (up 15% in constant currency) and Microsoft 365 Consumer subscribers increased to 51.9 million, LinkedIn revenue increased 46% (up 42% in constant currency) driven by Marketing Solutions growth of 97% (up 91% in constant currency), Dynamics products and cloud services revenue increased 33% (up 26% in constant currency) driven by Dynamics 365 revenue growth of 49% (up 42% in constant currency), Server products and cloud services revenue increased 34% (up 29% in constant currency) driven by Azure revenue growth of 51% (up 45% in constant currency), Windows Commercial products and cloud services revenue increased 20% (up 14% in constant currency), Xbox content and services revenue decreased 4% (down 7% in constant currency), Search advertising revenue excluding traffic acquisition costs increased 53% (up 49% in constant currency), Surface revenue decreased 20% (down 23% in constant currency), Revenue was $168.1 billion and increased 18%, Operating income was $69.9 billion and increased 32%, billion GAAP and $60.7 billion non-GAAP, and increased 38% and 37%, respectively, Diluted earnings per share was $8.05 GAAP and $7.97 non-GAAP, and increased 40% and 38%, respectively, GAAP results include a $620 million net income tax benefit explained in the Non-GAAP Definition section below. Work with the best software developers who specialize in high-quality software engineering and can definitely add value to your organization. There are 6 elements that should be present here: Including this information will better orient the reader and help them understand your press releases purpose. Both your heading and subheading need to be written in a way that gets the attention of journalists and your audience, which isnt always easy. For example, the information and media detailed within a book press release will differ from those in an event press release. When it comes to business excellence, it's OK to brag. "Big data," anyone? Office Commercial products and cloud services revenue increased $1.5 billion or 20%. As long as you have those key pieces, everything else is a bonus. Our team has years of experience in developing, testing and maintaining software products. To announce an acquisition or merger, include details about all organizations involved, information about the merger or acquisition, and quotes from the leadership teams. Trump Media was set to go public through a merger with Digital World Acquisition Corporation, a special-purpose acquisition company. Trump Media and Technology Group CEO Devin Nunes told a different story. Got a confidential news tip? Check out how NASA includes all these elements in a press release issued February 20, 2017: The body of your press release should expand the content of the first paragraph. 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